At Nelson Family Orthodontics, you will feel right away that you are part of the family.

That’s how we like it. And apparently our patients do too.

B. Whitmore

“My teeth look like a runway model’s smile and the time was minimal compared to the severity of the case.
I have recommended Dr. Nelson to all my friends! This has been a very good experience for me.”

R. Jones

“My braces were on and off in 16 months. Since getting my braces off, I take better care of my teeth.
I wish my grandkids lived close so Dr. Nelson could treat them as well!”

A. Christian

"I would recommend Dr. Nelson because he is a very friendly person that made this experience completely remarkable."

M. Krantic

"Not only is Dr. Nelson good with teeth but he also made me feel at ease every appointment and always had a positive attitude."

K. Patrick

"Dr. Nelson was fun.  He always attended to my needs/wants.  He is the BEST!"

S. Taylor

"Dr. Nelson's first priority was always making sure I was happy with my smile.  He answered all my questions and gave me a pretty smile in only a year and a half."